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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  August 15, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> a mosque is turned into a confirmed deaths after a crackdown nationwide. the muslim brotherhood says that there are over 2000. the police have been granted the use of deadly force to protect themselves in the wake of the attack on government buildings. at least 20 are dead and 120 injured in beirut, in a neighborhood loyal to has block. -- hezbollah. the french tennis star says that her body is no longer up to the rigors of the game.
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international condemnation continues to fall on the military backed leaders of egypt after the violent storming as president along -- president thecois hollande leads -- government office was attacked are giza and police authorized to use deadly force after attacks on state buildings. in alexandria there was another march on behalf of mohamed morsi. we have more from the egyptian capital from the -- for the very latest. what is happening? >> it is very quiet now where i am this evening. it seems the military and the police are trying to enforce the curfew we have in place. the curfew will be moved back to at 8:00 the curfew is
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in place now. there are tanks and armored personnel carriers on the streets. they are enforcing the curfew this evening. early on there were various marches in different cities across the country, in a coastal citynd on the mediterranean there were clashes between supporters of mohamed morsi and opponents, and at least three people are dead and more than 50 people were injured. afternoon,rlier this the government came under attack. the minister of the interior said 500 supporters of mohamed morsi tried to storm the building. thebuilding caught fire and protesters or dispersed by the police using tear gas. supporters of mohamed morsi plant a lot of marches this
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evening. they told supporters to come out and protest against the genocide yesterday as the police broke up two sit-ins. one supporter said there would be various marches, and one said then is still going on. this is in knots or city -- nasr city from the supporters up there and the bodies of more than 200 protesters killed yesterday inside that mosque. a muslim brotherhood spokesman insists that these marches are still going to happen this evening despite the curfew. but as the minister -- ministry of the interior said the police are authorized to use live bullets to counter anyone attacking state buildings or security forces. this is a dangerous situation.
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>> tomorrow is friday. that is normally when people take to the streets to voice their concerns. what kind of a day are we expecting tomorrow? >> it is difficult to tell what tomorrow will bring. tomorrow is the traditional day of protest. morsi -- that is pro- , theye anti--- morsi camp are the signature campaign that sparked the huge protests that led to the army removing mohamed morsi from power, are calling for people to take to the streets to defend the country from terrorism. and they are trying to form popular defense committees to help homes and churches in their area. they want people to go out with the egyptian flag and reject
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domestic terrorism and foreign intervention. both of these groups are in the streets tomorrow, and the situation of course is very tense. in a few hours the un security council will meet to discuss this situation in egypt. that meeting has been requested britain and australia but i don't know if this will make any difference. the outcome is what happened on the ground. >> the very latest from cairo. barack obama has called off a joint military exercise involving u.s. and egyptian troops, saying that all forms of aid continue to be assessed and reviewed. billionceives $1.5 every year. they are holding an emergency meeting on the crisis following
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a request from france and great britain. >> violence continues in egypt and condemnation continues outside the country. barack obama expressed deep concern for the civilians caught up in the bloodshed, saying that martial law is oppression by force. the united states condemns the steps taken by the interim government and security forces. we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity, including the right to peaceful protest. >> he also announced the u.s. canceled a joint military exercise with the egyptian army scheduled for next month. criticism has come in from europe, as french president francois hollande said they must prevent civil war and david
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cameron called for an end to violence. pointedipp erdogan the finger at foreign powers which he says are not doing enough. >> the u.s. silence about palestinians -- you were silent on syria, and today more than 200,000 people have been killed and now you're keeping quiet about egypt. how can you keep talking about democracy and human rights? you keep speaking about humanistic values as people are killed before your eyes. >> he also spoke out against the rhetoric of foreign powers, urging them to name the military's actions a coup. recognizing this would force them to cut financial assistance military, a key
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player for the united states in this region. fromt's talk to abraham cambridge. emergency, a throwback to the days of hosni mubarak. is democracy now over in egypt? can it not happen? yet, there areer still some hope hope but a lot of efforts need to be done from both sides for this to happen. at the moment, the army and the police and the current government need to start, as soon as possible, the implementation of the roadmap. it is very hard given all of the to start holding elections and discuss the constitution, but it has permitted itself to this roadmap to they need to show that
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the international community as well as the egyptians who are expecting that from the current government. the muslim brotherhood also needs to stop the current, ongoing violence and attacks on public institutions, which causes it to lose more and more support after the killings yesterday. >> neither side is perfect in both sides need to change. how would you grade this by barack obama to cancel this joint military exercise? >> that is what was expected. the egyptian military has preempted this by declaring a couple of days ago that they are considering delaying the military exercises. there have been indications that this may happen.
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however, how far the american administration will go with their attempts to pressurize the current egyptian government, to take more peaceful means to the muslim brotherhood forces, is yet to be seen. >> thank you very much for your analysis. we will continue of course to cover all aspects live from the paris program. syria says it has nothing to hide as it gives the green light for u.s. operatives to enter the country. the question of chemical weapons about afterspoken these pictures from aleppo show assad using chemical weapons allegedly. they say that the rebels have overstepped their mark.
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a previously is known -- unknown islamist group claimed the attack in beirut, where 20 people were killed south of the lebanese capital. this is a stronghold of the hezbollah movement. this may be in support of bashar al-assad's troops in syria. >> an explosion rips through a busy suburb of beirut, dominated by has by law -- has bullock -- has bullock -- hezbollah. local residents help the firemen put out the flames, but the death toll keeps rising, and the wounded, including women and children, are rushed to nearby hospitals. politicians have condemned this blast. >> this is a crime against this
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neighborhood, -- >> the attacks took part in a stronghold of has bullock. irangroup is an ally of and syria. insists none were injured -- a group called the brigades of aisha addressed the hezbollah leader on this video. >> we are sending a message to you, your -- you pick, this is the second message and this is explosive. brothers, do not go to the areas held by iran and lebanon. >> they warned more attacks were looming, this comes one month after another explosion took place in a similar area where
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100 people were injured. champion of wimbledon, marion bartoli says she is retiring and her body can no longer handle the strain of the game. she says she has carried injuries all season. first grand slam title often inspires the thirst for bartoli isarion calling an end to her career. >> i can't do it anymore. year i felt i had pushed my body to the limit, and i just can't do it anymore. >> the 28-year-old french number one said that injuries made continuing impossible. her body has been taking the
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punishment 22 years. she started playing when she was six, when her father chose to to helping herfe train full-time. i know how hard i have to push myself -- and i really went to the limit. >> it is relatively late for this tennis player that grand slam success came, at the age of 26. next year she reached her highest ever ranking, number seven in the world after finally winning a grand slam title she has nothing left to prove. >> she will be back someday, we will see. a morgueis turned into as 630 are confirmed dead after a crackdown, nationwide. brotherhood -- and
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the -- the government forces have been authorized deadly force to prevent attacks on government buildings. from a occurs in beirut, group connected to hezbollah. is quittingi tennis, saying her body is not up to the rigors of the game. time for a look at the businesses. thee keep an eye on business angle of the unrest. >> we have talked about how this could undermine investor confidence and we see examples of major multinationals voting with their feet. general motors is suspending operations in egypt, the home appliance maker electrolux, with around 7000 employees is following suit.
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shell, the oil giant, will be shutting offices in cairo as the violence plays out. none of these companies say they are leaving for good but this highlights the choices they are facing, and the kind of choices that egypt is facing at this stage. inr since the revolution 2011, the egyptian economy has taken a hit as growth goes down and unemployment has gone up. one of the worst affected sectors has been the tourism industry, we have seen a lot of tourists in the past few years going into egypt, but that flood has turned into a trickle. we have more on that part of the story. flight 4 --rance four cairo is about to depart, but there are no french tourists on board.
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her family still lives back home and her trip has been land for some time. >> i really did think twice about going. if i had known this was happening, i would not have gone. but i bought the ticket and my family reassured me. i am not that worried. it was all different before the 2011 revolution. in 2010,ord numbers tourist numbers slumped. was 4.5 million in the first months of this year but the outlook is now bleak. only 380,000 visitors came in the first week of july compared to 515,000 during the same time last year. among the increasing instability the months to come are said to
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be crucial for the tourism sector. >> what about the egyptian effect on the markets? >> oil prices are heading higher because of the unrest in egypt. there are concerns of spreading uncertainty and instability. the price of crude oil was over egypt, andcerns of this is the two week high. >> tell us about the wider picture on the market. pressure, thender dow jones -- lost one percent and a half. let's also bring you the european figures. going ahead on thursday as well, the ftse 100 was down and the side of the atlantic was down one point five percent.
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them --s ingested several reports including british retail sales that grew indouble the expected rate july. sales were boosted on hot weather, and this is a good sign of course for the uk economy. but this is a damper on stocks. there are concerns that central banks will remove their stimulus measures as economic indicators improved. we see similar issues in the u.s. as the american labor market shows signs of improvement. the number of americans applying for jobless benefits fell to the lowest level since late 2007, another sign that hiring is increasing. be on concerns on central banks there have -- there has been disappointing corporate news as walmart is cutting their forecast, as the u.s. store sales went down during the last
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financial quarter. walmart says international consumer spending is under pressure. this follows a warning from cisco about the uncertain demand for their products. they will cut 4000 jobs or around five percent of the workforce to save money. that the global market is challenging and inconsistent. >> thank you very much. it is time for media watch. >> lined up and ready to go with media watch. egypt is the greatest failure of obama says the daily beast and other -- others, who are critical of the decision -- and could they have helped to prevent the bloodshed yesterday in cairo and elsewhere?
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this is the question we asked. the daily beast said they could have averted the bloodshed if egypt had taken action -- he attempted to find a middle path, and has produced the worst of all outcomes. as today's events make anysomely clear -- connections they may have had with the brotherhood are also gone. the guardian took this a step compared this to tiananmen square. there are differences, of course, you could say that the army in egypt did give some warning that what was coming was coming down the line, but in moment, theefining bloody assault on their own people is a point of no return
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for the government. others say the army has crushed democracy. those are the sentiments coming out through all of this, very critical of the army and critical of the united states and other western powers for not calling it what it was in the beginning. >> an interesting issue there, because the people who elected mohamed morsi did not like him. they took to the streets -- to the streets and got him out. some opinion pieces speak of the egyptian culture, and politics. >> where is this going to be and where will we go from here? and israeli magazine says the problem is that you have two sides that deny the other side legitimacy.
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you have a secularist who does not want to be based -- and vice versa. each sees the other as an obstacle to power. what strengthens the view is that states are more ever, but the people living in those societies are fragmented into smaller pieces. this is the problem from his point of view, that they build and thenowerful -- fragment in the society and that state is overseen. this depicts that very well. a photograph that was taken mosque, one of the flashpoints of the crackdown yesterday. al- is going on is you have was, the secularist who
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believed to have been the mastermind of the crackdown yesterday. >> there is a government in place there but it is recognized that this man is actually calling the shots. >> his face is on the wall of the mosque, which is almost a headquarters of the muslim brotherhood. thosehows how opposed elements are opposed on everything. there was a piece in the new yorker magazine about the notion as a means ofs expressing outrage in egypt. lots of cartoons were being erected in different camps. -- the title is the end of the world tomorrow.
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the egyptian army is barely held back. this was posted on facebook on the third of august. this was a sense of impending violence. this is what happened in a way. -- army will crackdown >> the bite is as big
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08/15/13 08/15/13 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! we are facing a massacre, or even a war of genocide. this is unprecedented even in conventional wars. been least 525 people have killed as egyptian security forces cracked down onto to protest camps filled with supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. the muslim brotherhood says the actual death toll tops 2000. the egyptian militha


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